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Google AdWords has become one of the most valuable, cost effective, measurable methods to build a client base and most importantly, drive sales. It allows you to measure return on investment extremely accurately.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our service is on a month-to-month basis.

Google adwords - no long term contract

Our clients choose to work with us each month based on value. Service can be cancelled any time after the first month.

PPC Process

Our PPC marketing process allows us to create a campaign that is specifically built with your business goals in mind

  • Phase 1
    Discovery & Analysis
  • Phase 2
    Start & Strategy
  • Phase 3
    Campaign Set-Up & Optimization
  • Phase 4
    On-Going Management
  • Phase 5
    Reporting Sales

Discovery & Analysis

Our primary focus is to understand your requirements, goal and aspirations for your business. Based on this we create a plan specifically to achieve nothing but the highest success for your campaign(s).

Keyword Research

Choosing the correct keywords allows us to be displayed not only to the correct audience but to search terms that are cost effective. A detailed study of all possible keyword options will be researched and presented to you.

Competitor Analysis

Studying the specifics of your direct competitor’s plans and strategies is essential for campaign success. Measuring both opportunities and risks involved in campaigns help tremendously with overall campaign set-up.

Start & Strategy

This is where you get to know us, and we get to know you! We learn everything there is to know prior to starting a campaign to thoroughly understand your business.

Campaign Focus

When creating a new campaign from scratch, we have various methods and opportunities available to create a perfectly functional and results driven campaign. We will recommend and suggest the best options to move forward.


Determining your goal is crucial for the campaign to be effective. As our sole purpose is to make this nothing more than a success and growing source of benefit for our client's business.

Campaign Set-Up & Optimization

Once a campaign is set-up and running in the very first few days we're able to see which additional terms and keywords we can target that customers are searching, giving us more reach and areas to capture your perfect clients.

Landing Page Optimization

Creating a landing page which is not only SEO optimized to help reduce your cost as much as possible, but also user friendly to convert customers. Landing page(s) convert on average 20-30% more than someone going directly to a website, we create landing page(s) that are not only unique but deliver results and high click through rates i.e. the amount of people visiting and converting is high.

Campaign Optimization

Making sure your campaign’s keywords are correctly managed i.e. with low cost-per-clicks and likewise the ad copy is attracting customers not only by appearing at the top of the page of Google (above your competition) but also in such a way it drives people to be curious enough to click and inquire about our landing pages.

On-Going Management

Measuring the source of where inquiries come from gives us the information to present exactly what you need to know....'is the campaign making profit?'. By monitoring in conjunction with the sales team we can determine how many inquiries are coming from our online efforts, allowing you to measure the performance of the campaign.


We personally visit and train your team on how to handle inquiries, not only with speed (speed stuns, the quicker we respond the quicker we can convert them before someone else does, and most important leave a GREAT impression).

Professionalism & Tonality

We all agree that the tonality of a person over the phone makes all the difference whether you want to go to that business or not. Besides speed and quickly responding to an inquiry, how we perform the call and convert them to visiting your business / 'qualifying them is very important to save both time and energy with each lead', we help train your team to answer and deal with all possible outcomes and responses from your potential clients.

Reporting Sales

The best way to see performance is by measured and to-the-point reports. With a complete list of all inquiries received, and direct sales from your business (resulted from the online campaigns) allows you to see all the information you solely need, allowing you to focus on your business.


We're very transparent with our reporting and results, through our cloud based software you can monitor your campaigns from anywhere in the world at any time.


We measure your end result (bottom line) from your ad campaigns and not just clicks

Types Of PPC Ads

1. Search Ads

Google search advertising consists of bidding on keywords to drive traffic to your landing pages or website through search results.

Pay per click search ads

2. Display Ads

Display ads give you a chance to make a more lasting impression on people. The Google Display Network allows to you connect with customers with a variety of ad formats across the digital universe.

3. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing adverts work by tagging site visitors with a cookie allowing you to then distribute your advert to them whilst they browse other websites

Pay per click remarketing ads

Our Google AdWords Results

Our Google Advertising strategies are made for our clients to receive only the highest quality results based on their budget. We believe in quality over quantity. Our aim to get the highest-quality inquiries for our clients to save them time and money in getting the results they need.

Be Unique Client in Dubai - Kahrs
Being a premium wood flooring provider our goal is to achieve No. 1 ranking on both the free listing (SEO) and likewise Google AdWords so we dominate Page 1. As a result making Google Advertising a very cost effective method in obtaining both leads and sales.
  • 100%+
    Increase in overall online sales since 2014
  • 200%+

    Increase in website trafic

  • 200%+
    Telephone sales increased through the use of call ads.
Be Unique Client in Dubai - Euro Pets
Creating creative, unique, yet fun advertising campaigns we were able to drive traffic across the entire breed range of puppies, as a result achieving inquiries & sales for all puppy clients.
  • Increasing website traffic via Google Ads results in an increase in online inquiries by 500%+.
  • Telephone inquiries as a result doubled x2 from online calls.
  • Through online marketing we were able to receive inquiries and purchases throughout the year, from the very next day of starting the ads online.
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Who We Work With

Be Unique Client in Dubai - Invisalign Center

Our Team

We’re a closely knitted family.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from the world’s most formidable industries. We all have one common goal. – Bringing “SMILES” to our clients.

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between PPC and Organic SEO?

Pay Per Click ads or paid ads are those located on the extreme right, top or bottom part of a search results page. On the other hand, rest of the results that follow vertically are non-paid listings or organic results. The organic listings gain prominence on the web through Search Engine Optimization techniques such as website content and link building operations.

Does it pay to be #1?

Most of the time. However, being #1 on a search engine does not guarantee success.

Are PPC results measurable?

Measuring your campaign’s success is critical. We provide measuring and reporting in clear and precise terms against your return and investment.

What is a Landing page?

A landing page can be defined as a destination page on which the visitor (your potential client) land after clicking the paid ad. On average a landing page converts 30-40% more than somebody visiting your website.

Do I need a Landing page?

Yes you definitely do, and it should be well designed as well. A perfectly oriented landing page carries your campaign further by explaining your goods and services to your target audience who clicked on your ad in the first place. Landing pages if created properly have the potential of converting a visitor into a customer.

Can you set a budget?

Budgets are determined prior to starting a campaign and are managed by our certified PPC team daily.

What should I look out for in a bad Google Ads company?

There are many PPC providers locally & globally, a company to watch out for is anyone that says: “You can get unlimited clients “or “ Be No.1 on Google 24/7”. If you have any questions, wish to know more , call us directly.


1. How will you help me promote my website?

We will run Google ads in Dubai. We will create a professional AdWords campaign that will ensure your site receives the clicks it needs, brings in the traffic you want and turns potential prospects into buying customers. We understand this is your goal, and we aim to make it ours.

2. I have heard of Pay per click ads in Dubai, how does this work within the realm of web development?

Once again, we understand the ultimate goal is to give your website the visibility it needs to get top ranking by leading search engines. PPC or pay per click ads is another successful way to give you that visibility. Our professional web solutions team will create and manage your advertising campaign to ensure you get the best returns on investment.

3. When I search Google, why do my ads not appear?

There are some common reasons why people may not find your ads. First, the time of day matters. For example, if your ads are running from 9AM-6PM, they will certainly not appear at night. Secondly, your budget is being spent. Each time a person clicks on your ad, money slowly keeps running out.

4. What is our role in your AdWord campaign?

We ensure you will receive a dedicated campaign manager from Be Unique who will be charge of developing and monitoring your advertising campaign, with the goal to bring your website the most qualified traffic out there.

5. What are the typical duties of a campaign manager?

We will reduce your cost per click, add negative keywords to only bring your site qualified traffic, make changes when necessary to reflect various elements and aspects of your business and generate regular client reports.

6. What is a search campaign?

A search advertising campaign is when your website appears on a regular Google search, through the use of Google Search Network.

7. What is display advertising?

Display advertising is when your website appears as a result of Google affiliated advertisements that appear on your site as agreed.

8. Does my website require Google analytics?

Google analytics tracks and monitors behaviour and patterns of users on your website. We analyze data to make smarter and more informed decisions to manage your AdWord campaign. We also give our clients access to this information so that you have invaluable insight on consumer behaviour and the industry market.

9. What changes do you make upon monitoring consumer patterns for Google AdWord in Dubai?

We look at different topics, the rising popularity of each one of these topics, we gauge as to what is holding the interest of people and make business decisions based on this data.

10. What are organic search results?

Organic results are constantly updated by Google and we understand the algorithms that go into hundreds of variables that are needed to make organic results a success. Our clients look to have organic traffic directed to their websites and this is what we aim to do.

11. What about paid search results?

Paid search results, unlike organic results are the result of AdWord campaigns where it is akin to entering an auction and bidding for the top spot.

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Speak To Our Google AdWords Specialists Today

Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.

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Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.