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Our top priority is implementing the correct strategy to help your business accomplish its social media goals.

  • Phase 1
    Analysis Of Social Media Platforms
  • Phase 2
    Selection Of Social Media Platforms
  • Phase 3
    Social Intelligence
  • Phase 4
    Document Sharing
  • Phase 5
    Performance Tracking

Analysis Of Social Media Platforms

We will first analyze your current social media platforms, if you have any, and determine what platforms would best suit your business. As many platforms are out there, not all of it will align with your business goals. And our task is to ensure your social media channels represent your brand in the most effective manner.

Competitive Analysis

It is imperative we analyze your competition and competitors. We can make a determination based on this analysis to define the unique trends we can use to build your social media platforms.

Current Company Buzz

Does your Company have a current buzz? Or, is it relatively unknown? If there is no buzz, we will help create it. If people are already aware of your Company, we will increase it.

Selection Of Social Media Platforms

There are numerous platforms, but we believe Facebook, Twitter And a Instagram are imperative to your business. You can also opt to have Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Reporting & Measurement

As each platform is created, we will measure on-going performance in real time. For example, how many likes, comments, shares do your images/posts receive?


We will also take new initiatives to improve on the on-going performance. We may suggest contests, competitions and giveaways to grab the attention of not just the existing followers but potential prospects.

Social Intelligence

This is all about social analytics and big data. It is when social strategy is effectively executed through procedures, policies, metrics, tools and tactics to listen, measure, engage and integrate in real-time conversations with your followers.

Videos & Audios

Videos and audios are a great way to keep people interested in your Company. It can be videos aligned to your business or it can be something totally out of the box.


You need an effective content strategy and we will create it. Content is what holds people's thoughts for more than a few seconds. People actually take the time to read through content that is informative, educational and unique. It should be awe-inspiring and compelling.

Document Sharing

This is where close interaction is possible with your followers. We can request followers to share their pictures, content or just opinions. This makes followers feel valued and appreciated.


Sharing images and photos can be a two way thing. You can share your behind the scenes photos, and request followers to share something similar. This kind of intimacy keeps the communication lines open in the long run.

Social Events

Have social events to make it more exciting for followers to do business with you. We can plan your social events and invite your customers to attend. Make it a touch more exciting by giving away a few free gifts.

Performance Tracking

Yes, we will track your weekly and monthly performance by giving you regular updates on how well your social media platforms are functioning.


Our social media management campaign is result drive, and we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our work!


Once the campaign has been created, and is up and running, we can continue to manage it and continue to offer updates if you wish.

Our Results  Smile

We gain more than 1000 followers per month for each Company social media profile. We guarantee your business will increase its leads and sales. You will see conversions coming directly from multiple social media platforms. You will be a 100% satisfied customer.

Be Unique Client - Bennigan’s


Bennigan’s wanted to create a buzz around the brand and increase sales on the 'all you can eat beef' dish, whilst also increasing footfall into the restaurant. They hired a F1 driving simulator and asked Be Unique to create a 6 weeks social media campaign to drive traffic inside the restaurant and raise awareness of the new dish.
  • We increased the Facebook likes by 7000 new users.
  • We created a new database of 2000 participants.
  • The sale of the 'all you can eat beef‘ dish increased by 500% throughout the campaign.
Be Unique Client Case Study


Tike was a brand new Turkish themed restaurant opening in JBR. Although the brand was established in Turkey, it was unknown to Dubai. The restaurant owner wanted to create enough hype around the brand so once the restaurant was opened, it would be a firm favorite with the local community.
  • A budget of $1000, the Facebook likes increased from zero to 8,000.
  • The engagement on the Facebook page was increased day on day and by the end of the campaign, the number of people 'taking about' the restaurant was up by 120%.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can your team help?

Your business will benefit in numerous ways. The most sought after benefits include increase awareness, website traffic, leads and eventually customers.

Who are your clients?

To date, we have worked with large corporations and small and medium size businesses. We have established brand reputation through multiple social media platforms. Our goal is to connect your brand with its customers.

How will this work for my kind of business?

We believe if you have a demographic that is active online, it will work. Whatever the line of business, we have the ability to understand what your customers are looking for. We will find your target audience, make it grow and create an active and engaging platform to drive leads and convert them into sales.

What about leads?

We aim to increase leads for your business. Our expert social media team will find your target audience and bring them to your website on a consistent basis. Consistency matters to us. Our solutions are long lasting. Our strategy is to find potential customers that become paying and loyal followers.

How do I start?

You can send us an email or give us a call to get started. Your business will be working with our marketing specialist on a one on one basis. We will identify your business requirements, develop an effective strategy and put it into play as soon as possible.

How many new followers will I get?

Our services usually gain hundreds of followers each month. This is without an advertising budget. However, if you add the budget in there, we can guarantee that hundred will turn into a thousand!


1. Will you choose my platforms?

We will get your input before determining which social media platform will work best for your business. We may stick to one or several depending on your business needs. We want to accomplish your business goals, and we will choose the platforms accordingly.

2. Will I see results immediately?

Yes, some of the results may be more immediate. For example, increased brand awareness, word of mouth and stronger brand loyalty are some of the immediate results your company will see. You can expect a significant increase in lead generation within the first 30 days.

3. Will you be setting up social media accounts?

Yes, if you wish we can set it up. We will create these accounts, design and optimize to gain as many followers as possible.

4. Will you send reports?

Yes, we will be sending reports which include results. This is a simple way for you to track your success on social media networks. You will be provided access to the online dashboard which works in real-time. You can track impressions, leads, website traffic, follower mentions and conversions.

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Talk with one of our professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.

Speak To Our  Social Media Specialists Today

Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.

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Speak To Our Specialists Today

Talk with one of our certified marketing professionals about how to get more out of your marketing online.