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Who we are

Passion, Honesty, Drive, Speed, Creativity, Care, setting the highest standards, Knowledge and communication are some of our values which we live by at Be Unique.

We strive to exceed all our clients expectations.

Whether it is through recruiting "super stars" for your organisation to maximising your company's presence on the world wide web.

Our team of experienced and highly motivated consultants strive to maximise your profitability through creative strategies, in the shortest and most cost effective methods.

Your Profitability Is Our Priority

Our Team

We take pride in accumulating a high degree of credibility among our clientele for our services suited within your budget. With a team of talented, hard-working, and creative professionals who enjoy coming to work in high spirits to 'take away the headaches' of our clients and replace with smiles.

  • Angela



    The mummy of the company, always there for every one, loved by everyone :) armed with vast experience in sales, marketing, client service and charm. Being Social, there is not much Angela does not know about Social media. Always happy to help always smiling.

  • Dariush


    Director / Founder

    If I could sit on a mountain top and hug everyone all day i would :) We are all one huge family. From my children, my colleagues and our clients. If we care about all that we do, we go that extra mile. If we want to do better in life we just have to raise our standards and thats what we aim to do at Beunique. I expect more from myself than anyone, live every day as if it was my last, with a sense of urgency. Namaste

  • Seena


    Social Media Manager

    The official "Grammar Police" of Be Unique, I'm always on the prowl for a misplaced comma or a missing apostrophe. I like to put them all back in their rightful places before they go out onto the WWW. As part of the Be Unique Social Media team, I help take our clients' social presence on the Web to new heights. I am an avid reader of Fantasy epics, and a Collector of anything cute or sparkly.

  • Ali


    Digital Manager

    Living in Dubai for about 5 years; Love it here! Couldn't imagine living anywhere else! Fanatic about learning new things - Social Media, Web Development, SEO, Graphic Design, PR, Football. Also, I have the record in the office for holding my breath for the longest! Feel free to compete!

  • Richie


    Web Development Manager

    American in the UAE. A radical visionary as he has a secret recipe to happiness.

  • Almas


    Web Developer

    Always been Dedicated person. Passionate web developer, fond of learning new things. Like to watch horror movies and Love to eat alot of junk food. I believe that 'Life is really strange' so, always keep myself ready for the unexpected. I am extremely glad to be a family member of Be Unique and getting new experiences.

  • Karam


    Creative Writer

    I’m a huge rock fan and a vocalist in the arts of heavy metal. I also have a passion for playing Drum & Bass as a DJ. Are you looking for contest ideas and ‘capturing the audience’ content in social media? Great. I’ve got all the crazy ideas you never dared to try.

  • Rizwan


    Social Media Strategist

    I have been living in Dubai for about 9 years. Learning is one of my attributes because I believe life is a long process of learning new things and I love this phenomenon. My areas of interest include Meeting new people, Social Media and web development. I love to do photography, create music, playing guitar and cricket. I love being a part of “Be Unique” and yes I can bowl at the speed of 144 km/hour.

  • Johanne


    Graphic Designer

    I love humour, I love fun, I love wit, i love green colors. Adjectives for me can include kind, gentle, cool, composed, reasonable, logical, polite. I am not a self-initiator most of the times, but I am responsible and honest. I am dependable, have patience, love to share good thoughts. I seldom get worried or tense over matters. Although I can share with my loved ones, I normally donot share my problems. I keep them to myself. These traits go with me in professional as well as personal life.

  • Azam


    Web Developer

    I played on computers as a child and have continued to do so every since, Hardware/ software/ HTML/ CSS/ wordpress, you name it and I know it "well". Love watching and playing cricket almost as much as creating and building websites.

What we do

  • Social Media

    At first, facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media platforms may not look like great marketing tools for your business. Here is a fact: over 1 billion people use facebook and on average 20% of their time surfing is spent on facebook. Social influence and recommendations have been going on from the beginning of time, but now we have gone digital. Great facebook pages educate, interact, connect with your target market. Its also fast, efficient, effective and fun. Let Beunique's social media team manage and drive your social media strategy 7 days a week 365 days a year.

  • Seo

    Most Clients and prospects know more about our products and our industry by just "googling". Over 90% of people searching the internet do not click on to the second page of search engines. Utilizing key words and monitoring the traffic, the number searches for those keywords, social media platforms, article writing, building links. Be Unique Group is proud to have achieved great success in optimization of the clients websites in the world wide web

  • Web Designing

    Over 80% of devices being used to search the web are tablets and mobile devices. Is your company website "Responsive" Do you measure the amount of business generated from your website? Do you see your website as a point or reference or a selling tool? How effective is your website? Let us provide you with some draft designs of your future website.

  • Company Branding

    It is not just a "logo". your brand is what people identify with you and your message to the market. Your brand guidelines insure that you deliver your message consistently through and on all platforms of communications, from print to Digital.

  • Referral Markerting

    Around 80% of your sales should come from word of mouth (referrrals) but most business spend a fortune in hunting for new clients. At Beunique we teach companies on how to systemise their Referral marketing strategy "The most efficient and cost effective of all marketing tools"

  • Staff Training

    After recruiting your super star staff. We need to train them. At Be Unique Group we have a saying the "practice makes permanent". From the first hello, sales process, delivery and finance. Our company has many opportunities to leave a lasting impression with our clients. Our staff can make it or break it. Through Unique and simple techniques coupled with on site practical training, Be Unique Group provides your staff with easy tools to make your 'client experience' an outstanding one.

  • Internet Marketing

    The world is fast changing. Faster than ever before, with the power of the internet we can now, market ourselves to any one or any company we chose from a specific demographic to the masses, no matter in which corners of the world they are located. Be Unique Group will offer you a an independently researched report on the effectiveness of your current presence in the world wide web. Just go to the "say hello" section of our website and ask for your FREE report.

  • Consultancy

    Money can be lost and gained but time is irreplaceable and priceless. Our consultants have many years of experience in running and operating their own business. Through thorough fact finding, we can utilise this experience to maximise your profits and build a solid foundation for your business.

  • Sales

    Your sales department is the driving force of your business profitability. It all starts with recruiting the motivated superstar sales people. Be Unique Group can help you do just that. The Sales process needs to be simple, knowing your market, your unique selling proposition and selling through certainty are key to your profitability

  • Creative Designing

    First, we listen to you to understand, share your vision and your goals. designs speak louder than words. We aim to create that winning edge. Its a competitive world it can be tough competing for that extra nano second of your prospects attention. Put us to test, by clicking "say hello" and tell us all about your needs. We would love be put to the test.

  • Marketing

    At Be Unique Group we believe that all marketing must lead to sales and the return of investment on every cent spent on marketing must be measured. Marketing does not have to be expensive, it MUST be creative and effective

Who loves us

We are privileged to work with such amazing people from the most prestigious organizations.

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We are currently headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with bases also in New York, London and Sydney.

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Office 1,
Third Floor, Oasis Center
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
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